oryza nakanosima spinning


POP UP SHOPの感覚で豊かな空間を表現出来るかが求められた。
そこでショップロゴとしても使用されているメイン食材の「玉ねぎ」とPOP UPにも通ずる「玉ねぎ小屋」というモチーフを徹底的に空間表現に取り入れ、早い認知度の重要性を考えた。


Oriza Nakanoshima Spinning serves you Wine and Tapas which is made of vegetables grown in South Awaji. You can see the beautiful view of Oo River and Osaka city Central Public Hall from this restaurant. As this building is going to be pulled down in five years, I was requested to provide something lika a “pop up store” with low costs. I thought of the importance of fast recognition so I included “Onion shed(hut)” motif to express space.(Onion is used for the Shop logo and is used mainly for the dishes as well.)

I used the onion color as an accent in order to notice the façade (setback from the entrance of the building) and made the top board of the table woody taste to give you an image of the onion skin.

And also I tried to express deformation of Onion shed by having oblique materials in the apace.

I dared to make a space which likely to smell like soil in such an office area, Nakanoshima, I hoped to make people forget about their work for a while and feel relaxed out of daily office area.

  • oryza nakanosima spinning / オリザ中之島スピニング
  • Type / restaurant bar
  • Place / 2-1-14 kitahama tyuoku osaka japan
  • Floor area / 30㎡
  • Complete / May.2015
  • photo / takeshi asano