Sony Design MAKING MODERN kyoto

Sony Design MAKING MODERN京都の会場構成の設計。

The Design for the “Sony Design Making Modern Kyoto” Exhibition.
In this exhibition, Sony’s iconic past and recent products were shown, so it was vital that we clearly showcased each product and their evolution through the years.
And so we decided upon using a basswood plywood panel with lumber core as the main planar design element to give the exhibit an air of refinement without overshadowing the showcase itself.
Sony’s products are planned and designed down to the micro-level. As such, we created a harmony and balance from the intricate devices contrasted against the large flat surface of the plain wood.

  • Sony Design MAKING MODERN kyoto
  • Type / Exhibition
  • Place / Kyoto University of Art and Design
  • Floor area / 100㎡
  • Complete / November.2015
  • photo / takeshi asano
  • art director / SONY PCL yasutaka aria / yumi ohya