yasuta showroom


上記企業は主に「突き板」というベニヤ板に木のスライスを接着したものの製造を行っており、マンション3階の一室に位置するこのショールームは、既存建築を一切傷つけず 誰もが施工可能なDIYで対応できるデザインが条件の元、設計が行われた。
三方が外の風景を感じ取れる空間に線と面の要素を取り入れ配置された展示台の光と影を空間内に写し込むことにより大自然から生まれる突き板の美しさと表現力を限られた空間内に 引き立たせた。



Design of the showroom of Yasuta fancy plywood Co.,Ltd. This company mainly produces things with Tsukiita that slices of wood adhered to veneer.
And this showroom located in a room on the 3rd floor of the apartment was designed done based on the condition that design can correspond with DIY which anyone can construct and it does not hurt any existing buildings.
First of all, we lifted all the materials with elevator and disassembled all parts so as to assemble at the room.
Also, by combining the underlying materials of the woods that can be obtained at the home center into the concrete space, we drew urbanised images and considered ease of handling.
By using the products of Yasuta plywood for a dynamic table, users who visited make it possible to inflate inspiration for the plywood before seeing individual products.
Made use of the beauty and expression power of the veneer born from nature by projecting the light and shadow of the display stand arranged by taking in the elements of the line and the surface into the space where the three sides can sense the landscape outside.

  • 安多化粧合板株式会社 / yasuta VS&D
  • Type / showroom&office
  • Place / senzoku tokyo
  • Floor area / 20㎡
  • Complete / May.2016
  • Photo / takeshi asano