カットスペースとシャワースペースの間に家の形をしたキッズスペースを設けたレイアウトは大きく子供達を包み込むことで落ち着きが生まれ、 また訪れたお客様と子供が常にミラー越しに確認と対話が出来るよう考えた。
立地、機能、素材の本来「あるべき」姿を素直に受け入れ必要最小限の表現で空間を構成することで、この美容室にとっての「あるべき」姿が 美しい形で生まれると考える。


Design of the hair salon in Tamatsukuri,Osaka.
I made use of a concrete skeleton as it is, and this spatial structure create functionality and a feel of texture by a group unit.
The layout that established the kids space of the form of the house between haircut space and shower space is wrapping up children and give them a feel of safety.
And I thought that the customers always could confirmed and talk with their children through a mirror.
The space create by lauan veneer standarize materials, and do not give finish.
So it is simple, but it has express presense not to inferior than vigor of the skeleton.
By placing natural color for each area and there is a ilation in a simple space.
I think that this beauty salon is resulted beauty shape that form there should be by created accepting for the location, functions, and materials , and constructing the space using the minimum necessary expressions.

  • ARUBEKKI HAIR/アルベッキヘア
  • Type / hair salon
  • Place / 〒537-0024 1-4-12 higasiobase higasinariku osaka japan
  • Floor area / 45㎡
  • Complete / may.2017
  • Photo / takeshi asano
  • Lighting Design / NEW LIGHT POTTERY