cafe slope

カフェ スロープ


The design for the cafe gallary in the residential area in Tomio, Nara.
The project started from one mother with her two children who is also cafe owner.
She wanted a space that every mother who is rasing children very hard and every child on the way back home from school could gather together safely and communicate with people from other areas.
Firstly, it had begun with the idea that the construction doesn’t have any partitions nor even pillars in the building for creating huge space and the environment where everyone could walking around and children could play freely.
The facade at the west side of the building is created giant so that entry experience would be bigger for any directions from outside.
Moreover, as a result of setting the eaves of the pit-type dwelling roof lower place to avoid the afternoon sun, it created the space enevelop boundary between outside and inside.
The more you go to east side the more the roof slope goes up, and the morning light comes through the interior windows gently.
For the exterior, red cedar panels were used and put them in the way called Yoroibari, not placing them flatly but moving each slightly and overlapping a little bit to make this building exist as living along with this area and people there.
The peaceful space that provides people in the building the natural light for all day and natural environment as much as they could foget they were in the middle of the residential area was born.

  • cafe slope / カフェ スロープ
  • Type / cafe
  • Place / 〒631-0076 1-16-30 tomiokita naracity nara japan
  • Floor area / 65㎡
  • Complete / September.2017
  • collaboration / kohei ishimaru
  • Photo / takeshi asano