The design for the movable coffee shop booth for the corporation plays an active in mainly Kyoto area which is supporting the people with disabilities. The booth roasting coffee can not only be stacking at the main area but also moving by the car. To do so, the booth that only one person can move was needed. Firstly, the smallest size of box for running as a coffee shop is created by peg board. By adding option parts to the peg board, I tried to make it as light as possible. And then, started adding other stuff to be a carry-able coffee shop such as moveable top board, stock, tire, handle, menu sign and such. By doing so, it will be easy to maintain by themselves and related to making it less cost eventually.
Also, along with the getting materials online and cutting down the cost, by designing in addition to those actions, I expected to get the new value. It is different from using new materials or techniques but the using ordinary stuffs whcih everyone can get it and design with it can give us detail ideas. And I hope customers will get what the coffee provides them from the place we considered as so.

  • 3yatai
  • type / food stand
  • complete / March.2018
  • photo / takeshi asano