Layers History Salon (積み重ねられた今までの歴史の礎を軸に新しいブランディングへの変化)

Layers history salon (Change to Blanding who is new centering on a foundation of the accumulated conventional history)

New store design of new Blanding of CAFERING.
Centering on a concept “adult-cute”, I output “PINK” “GRAY” of the Blanding color for functional in each place and was conscious so that a view of the world of new Blanding sensed it bodily even if a user was in any place.
In the facade equal to the border with the outside, I constitute a series of glass panels object made with Blanding color in four levels of layers and express an new image to renovate from the layer of the foundation of the history that conventional CAFERING walked.
I hope that it was in the place that could to be a place where I could feel the consciousness of the gorgeous “beauty” that I have cultivated so far While wrapped in softness and cuteness and a little tension by entering the space through there.
By practicing the challenge of renewing the brand logo and color while protecting a foundation of the history of 20 years when it has been repeated.
I would like to see the new “CAFERING” unique worldview in Ginza, which plays a central role in Japan.

  • CAFERING ginza
  • Type / jewelry shop
  • Place / 1F 1-7-5 ginza chuoku tokyo japan
  • Floor area / 66㎡
  • Complete /may.2019
  • Photo / takeshi asano
  • Lighting Design / NEW LGHIT POTTERY
  • Client URL /