FUJIMARU higashi shinsaibashi

大阪東心斎橋に位置するWine Bar & Restaurant FUJIMARUのデザイン設計。
Design of Wine Bar & restaurant FUJIMARU located in Higashi Shinsaibashi, Osaka.
The FUJIMARU brand providing vegetables of pesticide-free and grapes grown in the company’s field on the menu and Wine brewing at the company’s workshop in Shinsaibashi and values the material that foodstuff originally have.
Therefore, this project that rented a building is based on the concept of “respect the form that should be and express the space” so as to be linked to the way of thinking about foodstuff, while removing all the designs that have been added until now. The potential was judged and implemented until finish.
The facade of 4 stories washes off stack all the paint that was continued painting with and expresses the tile finish at the time of the building.
The inside expresses all the exposed features that are layered many times.
With the first floor that I can keep 1000 kinds of wine, and presents standing bar where there is a tasting. And there is a second floor where you can enjoy French cuisine with mainly charcoal and yakitori. I used the red cedar which were particular about thickness for a ceiling and made a connection of the air not to part in each floor.
With big pendant illumination to be able to see from an entrance and, In the green tile which there is nostalgia shining from the outside of the town FUJIMARU brand of the town hope you that should come central.

  • FUJIMARU higashi shinsaibashi
  • Type / wine bar & restaurant
  • Place /1-4-18 higashisinsaibashi chuoku osaka japan
  • Floor area / 82㎡
  • Complete /june.2019
  • Photo / takeshi asano
  • Lighting Design / NEW LGHIT POTTERY
  • Client URL / https://www.papilles.net/