A small restaurant in Noda-hanshin, Osaka, serving wine and a la carte menu designed by Naoya Matsumoto Design.

With a few minutes’ walk from the main street into an ally, it stands on the area with frontage of 1.9m, which can be described as “an alley-like lot”.
For this space, we thought of a “Reiwa era Snack bar (“snakku” in Japanese)” as its concept, imagining the female owner working behind the counter serving the wines that she’s strictly chosen and her own handmade a la carte dishes.
What the concept means here is a combination of a “snack bar” in Western countries where they serve quick dishes; and the Japanese “snakku” where a female proprietor serves and entertains customers, which has been a symbol of the nightlife since older eras. We intended for people to see new value in this concept with the name of the current Japanese era, Reiwa, in it.
Right past the entrance area is a pathway that expresses an alley way, guiding guests to the counter area and showcasing bottles of wine on the right, which can also be seen outside through the storefront.
Lighting fixtures like streetlights along alleys are placed through the pathway to the counter, making a gentle flow and subtly deepening the atmosphere of the counter area, which is coordinated with similar colors to bring out the colors of food and wine.
“Tyrni” is a berry from the Elaeagnaceae family that naturally grows in the coastal regions of Finland. On the wall of the shop, there are artworks made of used wine corks which express the fruit of “tyrni”. They are decorated by the owner, designer, and people in the project so that her first shop will be the one “she herself can love”, hoping that she shares that episode with her customers.

  • Tyrni(トゥルニ)
  • Type / wine snack
  • Place / 1-22-28 yoshino fukushimaku osaka japan
  • Floor area / 43㎡
  • Complete /January.2020
  • Photo / takeshi asano
  • Lighting Design / NEW LGHIT POTTERY
  • Graphic Design / SU-