mori no terrace cooking space&toilet

mori no terrace cafe&lobby

大阪 能勢に出来た「杜のテラス」というグランピング&キャンプ施設内の炊事棟とトイレ棟のデザイン。
キャンプ場の炊事棟とトイレの「少し汚くインフラが整っていない」というイメージを覆すために、建物を施設の中心付近にレイアウトし、常に360度どこからでも見ることができる環境を 作ることによって常に清潔感を保ち利用者に評価される場所として考慮した。

Design of the cooking space&toilet in the glamping & camping facility called “Terrace of the Forest” at Osaka Nose.
Built in a wide green area with a large area of ​​10000㎡, this building can to feel a presence while well blending into the environment.
The building adopts a very general shape roof called a gable roof and considering the compatibility between simple presence and green by using black for the color of entire.
At night, the form of black appearance disappears, and the structure illuminated with the upper light emerges and stands out as an icon for users.
In order to overturn the image that “It is a little dirty and infrastructure is not in place” of the cooking ridge and the toilet in the camping ground, we laid out the building near the center of the facility and can always see from anywhere.
By these ideas I considered that they kept cleanliness and so as to a place that can be highly evaluated by users.
Since the campground is a facility to use both men and women from children to adults, I want them to become a place where anyone can feel ease of use and cleanliness.

杜のテラス / mori no terrace
Type / cooking space&toilet
Place / 166 yamabe nosecho toyonogun osaka japan
Floor area / 50㎡
Complete / april.2017
Produce / tainaka office
Joint / nagena design
Lighting design / NEW LIGHT POTTERY
Photo / takeshi asano